Donna J. Manes


I was born and raised in Westminster, California, the youngest of four. My parents grew up with very little and were taught hard work. Because of that, I was raised with a great work ethic. As a child I really enjoyed coming up with ideas of things that I could sell door to door. I was a great child salesperson. I spent my time playing sports and working several jobs. My favorite thing then and now is to go down to the beach and watch the sunsets.

I graduated from high school in 1982 and then pursued a Dental Assistant Degree from Orange Coast College where I received my X-ray/Polishing License. My first job out of school was in a Pedodontics office and I knew that it was not going to hold my attention so I went back to school for Criminal Justice. I worked part time as an undercover agent and was very good at it. I was offered a position at the Huntington Beach Police Department and was invited to attend their academy. From there I would be placed into a high school to do drug busts. At the same time however, I was accepted into USC’s Orthodontic Program. I found myself at a cross road. I chose USC.

In 1989 I moved to Massachusetts and worked for Dr. Robert Ryder. I learned so much from him and his brother Fran, including a deeper understanding of how appliances actually worked. During my tenure with him I went to Great Lakes and learned more about the fabrication of appliances with the hopes of opening my own lab. Dr. Ryder encouraged that and in January of 1991 I did just that.

My goal was to listen to each doctor and give them exactly what they needed. Communication, quality and on time delivery became the foundation of Parklund. Being a real estate investor as a hobby allowed me to purchase property and construct a building which became Parklund’s home in 2005.

In 2003 my only child Max Henley was welcomed.

Max is now 15 and busier than ever. He loves snow/waterskiing, sailing lasers & catamarans, car shows and hanging with me… LOL

Max’s passion is snow skiing and he attends Burke Mountain Ski Academy. In Jan. 2019 Max made the National Team as a U16 and went to Slovenia to represent the US Ski Team. He has now traveled all over from the West Coast, Canada, to Chile experiencing life and meeting new friends from all over the world.

I enjoy spending time with Max and love to watch him on the ski slopes, waterskiing/surfing behind the boat or going to a car show.

I love to take photos and videos of him. It is that love that allows us to have quality family time together whether on Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts at our home or on the slopes in the winter.

I’m very passionate about Parklund Labs and real estate, I believe that it is this passion that has made Parklund Labs what it is today and will allow it to grow into the future.